Pubs on 4 Tram Line

This line is operated by De Lijn. Their home page is here

't Pakhuis  Serves food Brewpub Closed Monday

Former warehouse on the now closed South Docks, 't Pakhuis is Antwerps only brewpub. Three standard beers with the occasional seasonal. Good food.

Bar Palmier  Serves food On the To Do List Closed Monday Closed Tuesday New entry in the Guide in 2018

Upscale place with raw wine (not sure what that is) and reportedly a very good beer list.

Bar Stout  On the To Do List Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2018

Cheese and beer. Their hours don’t match their website (and aren’t posted onsite) so don’t rely on anything here. I have heard good reports, though.

Cozy corner pub with good food. Beer list seems to be constantly improving, with a few you don't see to often in Antwerp.

Very good restaurant with an excellent beer selection. Entrance is off a courtyard -- just look for the large banner with a white eagle (the name means "Great White Eagle")

Not here so much for it's beer selection but for it's location: right on the Grote Markt. A good place for an early bolleke of De Koninck, especially in nice weather. The name roughly translates to "rascal," "scamp," or "naughty boy" etc.

Cozy corner pub. Bottles in the window are for decoration only.

Gollem  WiFi available Serves food Fred Honorable Mention Live Music

Newish pub just off the Grote Markt. More taps than is typical in Belgium. Live jazz on Wednesday nights. Food.

Korsakov  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2018

Funky neighborhood place with some interesting beers. A good place to have a beer while you are waiting for 4pm to roll around (when the Kulminator opens)

Massive beer selection including a large selection of aged beers and beers from closed breweries. Literally a "Mom and Pop" operation, service can be a bit slow when they are crowded.

Pardaf  WiFi available Closed Monday

Taps are not too interesting but a great bottle list.

Pater's Vaetje  WiFi available Serves food Fred Honorable Mention Open 11am or earlier

Right next to the Cathedral. Belgian bar food (pasta, omelets, croques, etc.)

Pelgrom  Serves food Closed Monday

Not to be confused with Pelikan or Pelgrim (near DeKonnick brewery)

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