Pubs in Old Town

Lovely old multi room pub. Surprisingly good selection of beers, including a variety of Lambics.

Not here so much for it's beer selection but for it's location: right on the Grote Markt. A good place for an early boll eke of De Koninck, especially in nice weather. The name roughly translates to "rascal," "scamp," or "naughty boy" etc.

New, modern pub near the River Scheld.

Corner pub down the street from Antwaerps Bierhuiske. Bottles in the window are for decoration only.

Corner locals pub behind the cathedral. Nothing special, just a cozy brown cafe.

Gollem WiFi availableServes food Fred Honorable MentionLive Music

Newish pub just off the Grote Markt. More taps than is typical in Belgium. Live jazz on Wednesday nights. Food.

Very good restaurant with an excellent beer selection. Entrance is off a courtyard -- just look for the large banner with a white eagle (the name means "Great White Eagle")

Down a small side street and almost unmarked, so look closely. Officially from 8pm but seems sometimes to open sooner.

Cozy corner pub with good food. Beer list seems to be constantly improving, with a few you don't see to often in Antwerp.

Formerly Het Elfde Gebod ("The Eleventh Commandment", Eat, drink and be merry), next to the Cathedral. The place is packed with religious statuary. Full menu.

Pardaf WiFi available Closed Monday

Taps are not too interesting but a great bottle list.

Right next to the Cathedral. Belgian bar food (pasta, omelets, croques, etc.)

Antwerp's oldest pub. Owned by DeKoninck (Duval/Mortgaat).

Small corner pub across from Gollem. Additional seating upstairs, which is good because the main room is very small. Decent lambic selection.

Traditional Antwerp brown cafe that had declined over the years and the closed. Newly reopened with more focus on beer.

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